TinyTim - der moderne Weihnachtsbaum! The modern Christmas tree!


design Matteo Carbonoli

 TinyTim - der moderne Weihnachtsbaum! Einfach aufzubauen - alle Jahre wieder.
In klein und groß - 56cm / 130cm. Schneeweiß aus transluzentem Polypropylen.

 TinyTim - the modern Christmas tree! Easy to mount - every year again.
In two different sizes 56cm / 130cm. In snow-white translucent polypropylene.


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TinyTim Small

Tiny Tim is an artificial Christmas tree. It is a Christmas decoration that maintains the tradition of “dressing a tree”, but which at the same time is not the pretend reproduction of a fir tree.  It is an article that recalls a tree, with modern forms and materials and it is new, with an identity of its own, not comparable to a real tree. It is available in two versions: large for use on the ground and small for a table. In any case it can be decorated as one wishes, hanging whatever one wishes by using the holes on each leaf. The tree is sold unassembled and it is easy to carry Assembly is very simple and consists exclusively in slotting the pieces together.  No tools are required. The whole job takes just a few minutes. The type of joints and the properties of the material mean that the tree is also easily dismantled, folded and put back in its container to be put by and used year after year. Tiny Tim is made of a single material, polypropylene, thermoplastic, 100% recyclable. Its packaging uses cardboard that is already originally partly recycled, particularly suited to post-consumption recycling because it is used in its rough state, without plasticization or painting. The name Tiny Tim comes from that of the little boy of the famous “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. We wanted a name that recalled Christmas and we felt that personage, from the story that expresses its spirit better than others, was the best. It is sustainable because it occupies minimum space in the transportation, because it can be reused for many years, because it is completely disassembled and because it is easily recyclable. Tiny Tim is designed by Matteo Carbonoli.

TinyTim Big